Thinking BIG vs. Thinking SMALL to Make an Impact

A clear vision of what we want in life is required to be extremely successful. It is essential to be thinking big and thinking small to achieve our dreams.

Thinking big and thinking small are two different ways of thinking; yet both of them are integral to an individual achieving success. So, which is better? Let us explore further.

Thinking BIG

Whether it is in business, the arts or building a house, starting a venture requires vision, usually of the big kind. It requires an individual to see an end that they will achieve through their means. Thinking big also allows individuals to plan each step of the way at achieving their goals. It allows people to anticipate problems or obstacles along the way that may or may not occur. In addition, thinking big keeps people motivated to continue working hard and overcoming any challenges along the way.

Thinking SMALL

While there are dreamers who think big; there are also the doers who think small. These individuals are essential for any venture as they do the necessary legwork required to turn the vision into a reality. For any business or life venture to succeed, individuals must not only have the vision and steps planned out; they must also work at each step individually, conquering challenges along the way.

Thinking BIG and thinking SMALL

While thinking big and thinking small seem polar opposites to each other, the two concepts together create an effective formula for success. In fact many of the top companies in the business world came from a vision that was acted upon.

Take Harley Davidson as an example. Harley Davidson was started by William Harley and Alfred Davidson. Their love for going fishing is what prompted them to create a motorized bicycle that would take them to their favorite fishing spot in a more efficient time frame. They developed a prototype of a motorized bicycle that would make the journey more time efficient.

Instead of starting out big by investing in large factories and expensive equipment; they started out small in their very backyard selling these motorized bicycles. In 1903, they built 3 motorcycles. In 1904, they built 3 more motorcycles. After 1905, they figured out how to properly build a fully functional motorcycle that would take world by storm. By working with what they had, they were able to build the international empire that we know today as Harley Davidson Motors Inc.

Looking locally, the ThankYou brand was created with big thinking in response to the world water crisis, through something as small as a bottle of water. Thinking about a small thing such as bottled water and linking it to a big thing, being the fact that 900 million people didn’t have access to safe drinking water.

Their vision is to end global poverty. Co-founder Daniel Flynn asked himself, “What if purchasing a bottle of water here in Australia could help provide water for people in need?” They now provide the same concept for food and body care, with 100% of profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world through their charity. Take a look at their story, big vision and small actions :


When it comes to thinking big and thinking small, the best way to ensure success in life is to do both. Visualize big picture so you know exactly what you want, then invest time mapping out the steps to work towards your big vision.

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