Residential Property

Buying or selling a home is a highly personal affair – your financial and lifestyle considerations hinge enormously upon getting the process right.

While we can’t find a home for you or negotiate a price, we can make sure that your home is completely unencumbered (not all potential encumbrances on a property are required to be registered). We can also look into other matters that may potentially impinge upon the enjoyment of your new home – such as are there any main road deviations planned next to your property, are there any heritage considerations – and are there any undeclared outgoings? Given the potential for confusion or oversight, it makes sense to entrust the conveyancing of your home to our expertise and experience.

Rural Property

We firmly believe that where you live in WA should have no bearing whatsoever on the standard of service and professionalism you receive.

We specialise in servicing rural areas throughout the state and go to great lengths to ensure our rural customers are equally well informed and looked after. The tyranny of distance is no excuse for a lack of service – nor should it ever be. Regardless of where your property may be situated, we deliver the same exceptional service. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your land sales/purchase outcomes.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial property investment is serious business. In the case of small to medium enterprises, that property often represents a substantial investment on behalf of the business owners. Often that commercial property can later end up being an invaluable source of security to loan funds against.

We treat every commercial property transaction with the seriousness it deserves. We ensure that all parties remain informed and on-track to settle in a timely manner. When we liaise with the local Shire offices, Landgate, finance providers, property managers and the transacting parties, it is always with the goal of expediting settlements smoothly to avoid delays. It is in everyone’s interests that proceedings transpire smoothly and effortlessly as possible. We make it our responsibility to ensure this happens.

Sub-Divisions / Vacant Land

The sub-division of developed or vacant land can take anywhere from weeks to years – depending on the number of subdivisions/vacant blocks and how quickly the landowner wants to bring them to market.

Again, this is an area that we have enormous experience in. Collectively, our staff has worked on many of most well-known land releases in the state. We have the staff, the know-how, resources, and the requirement to manage subdivisions of any size anywhere in the state. Please contact us or further information.

Strata Titles

The settlement of any strata titled property is typically more complicated than settlement of a green-titled property, as we have to deal with an additional party in the strata’s body corporate.

If your property has shared boundaries or common property, the title deed must be very clear on what exactly belongs to you and what doesn’t. Usually, such divisions of property are clearly defined – however this is not always the case. Any delay in settlement caused by confusion in property boundaries can lead to penalty interest being applied at settlement.

With over 20 years experience in strata-titled settlements and a slew of high-profile projects under our belt, we are perfectly positioned to supervise and project manage complicated strata settlements.

Family / Related Party Transfers

When land is transferred within a family, naturally you wish to minimize transfer duty and all associated costs in the efforts of helping out loved ones. This is not as simple as it seems.

Without wanting to sound self-important, it’s vital that you give this responsibility to someone like ourselves, who’s fully familiar with the Duties Act  2008 – as there is the very real possibility of causing unintended harm.

The transfer of land ownership within a family – even an extended one – is relatively simple and there are ways to do it where you legally minimize your transfer duty and associated costs. If you have any questions on this subject, please contact us.

Deceased Estates / Name Change

Deceased Estates The death of a friend or loved one is a difficult time – you don’t need the additional stress of uncertainty about the legal ownership status of their home or property investments to deal with. We are extremely experienced in the transfer of deceased estates and it’s a source of quiet pride for us when we’re entrusted with someone’s last wishes. We repay the honour by executing those wishes to the letter. Change of Name Whether it’s by marriage or deed poll – the transfer of ownership from your old name to your new one shouldn’t be complicated; and when you entrust that responsibility to us – it never is.

E-conveyancing Property Settlement

PEXA is the world’s first online network that enables electronic lodgment and financial settlement of a property transaction by settlement agents in Perth. We are PEXA compliant and ready to help you today for all your e-conveyancing settlement conveyancing needs.

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