Property Title Name Change

A property title is an important legal document that lists the registered owners of a property and guarantees security of property ownership.

While there are plenty of reasons why you might need to add someone to a property title, there are also situations where you need to remove someone’s name from a property title.

  • When a co-owner of your property passes away it is important that the Title be updated as soon as possible.
  • Possibly a family member passes and you need to transfer ownership of their property.
  • Perhaps you’re getting divorced and it’s time to remove your former spouse’s name from the document.

The exact process you need to follow to remove a name from a title differs slightly in each Australian state and territory.

Make sure you contact the relevant department for detailed instructions on the process where you live. In Western Australia refer Landgate or solicitor or conveyancer.

Property Title – Name Removal

You can remove someone’s name from a property title yourself, but this can be a confusing process that involves complex technical jargon. Many people prefer to engage the services of a property lawyer or a licensed conveyancer to carry out the work.

The professionals have the expertise to deal with any problems that may arise while transferring property and can help ensure that the transaction is handled with a minimum of fuss.

Removing a name from a property title can have many far-reaching legal, financial and taxation consequences, so seek professional advice tailored to your situation.

Property Title – Separation

Around one in three of all Australian marriages end in divorce, so learning how to get a partner’s name removed from a property title is a common problem.

You may also undergo a name change as part of the divorce, and you’ll need to remember to have your own name changed on the property title to reflect this.

While severing all financial and legal ties to your ex in a divorce may seem like the best approach, make sure to consider all your options before choosing to do this.

There are a myriad of potential scenarios that could arise depending on your personal circumstances, so ask your solicitor for advice and guidance on the best approach.

Property Title – Who Can Help

Supreme Settlements can prepare and lodge documents on your behalf with Landgate to update the Title and reflect the property in your sole name.

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