7 Steps to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

People are often searching for the secrets to good time management, but we cannot manage time, we can only manage how we use our time and energy.

Time continues regardless of what you do or do not do, and cannot be captured or stored. So why do we constantly look for more time?

One of the most effective ways in finding more time is to properly manage your energy so that you can make best of what life has to offer you. If your New Year’s resolution for this year is to manage your time efficiently, here are a few ways that you can better manage your energy.

1. Waking Up Early

Waking up and going through the morning ritual of getting kids ready for school and getting to work can take a lot of energy, so that by mid morning you are exhausted. When you are able to wake up early, you have the opportunity to start the day with energising activities such as exercising, that give you a physical and mental boost. When you wake up late, you automatically miss the window to start with positive energy.

2. Accomplishing Important Tasks in the Morning

For you to be able to Carpe the Diem, it is good practice to accomplish all important tasks in the morning. Whether at work or at home, getting your important activities done in the morning gives you a feeling of accomplishment and leaves you with time to try new activities in the afternoon. In the event that you choose not to do anything for the rest of the day, you can rest easy knowing that you have already accomplished your obligations.


3. Exercising Regularly.

Exercise isn’t about looking good, it is about feeling great, and the older we get, the harder it is to feel energised. Regular cardiovascular exercises help you develop and maintain more energy during the day and even at night. An active lifestyle requires an active body. Speak to a personal trainer or fitness coach for guidance.

4. Avoid Eating Big Meals

We have all experienced the food comma where we just want to lie down and sleep after over-eating. This results in slowing us down and is detrimental to a person’s capacity to work and be mentally sharp. If you truly wish to manage your energy efficiently, consider eating smaller meals during the day.

5. Eating Healthy

Another effective tip at managing your energy more efficiently is to eat the right kind of food that packs your body with vitamins and nutrients essential at giving you more energy to achieve your daily obligations while still having extra energy for extracurricular activities. The added bonus is maintaining a healthy weight, which also benefits energy, and assists in preventing diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and many other conditions that can decrease your lifespan. Always seek expert help to ensure you are eating the right foods for you.

6. Take Care of Your Mind

Our days can be hectic with demands at home, at work then at home again. Be sure to schedule time to rest the mind, so it can recharge just like your body. Exercising may help, but activities such as Yoga and meditation are great to be in a state of mindfulness and self-connection. Even activities such as art, dancing, listening to music and the recent craze of colouring can help you step out of a stressful situation and take you into a calming connected place. Calming the mind can help you cope with the stresses of work and life, and help give you clarity by seeing issues with fresh eyes.


7. Get Enough Sleep

We may think we are invincible and keep going long after the children have gone to bed, but if we push past and ignore our body’s warning signs, we will end up waking up tired and after doing this for too long, possibly burn out.

Work out what is right for your body, and what routines help you get a good night’s sleep, then develop good habits to allow your body to recharge overnight.

What will you do to increase your energy?

Until a time-machine is invented, we can’t go back in time to change what we have already done to our body and how we have used our time, but we can make positive changes going forward to protect our time and increase our energy. A tiny change could make a huge difference to your life.

What could you do better?

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