The Settlement Agent

Settlement Agent

The Settlement Agent

The settlement agent aka conveyancer is a person that looks after property settlement. They’re the people responsible for transferring a property from one owner to another.

The main task of a conveyancer is to transfer ownership of the property. The conveyancer will ensure the property is the correct property you intend to buy, or sell.

A conveyancer will liaise with the buyer’s settlement agent to ensure finances are in order. The conveyancer for instance, will prepare the correct documentation and ensure you sign it. The conveyancer will advise of any encumbrances which could affect your enjoyment of the property

Contracts are exchanged on completion. Nevertheless, a transfer document will transfer the title of the property over to you. Your conveyancer will tell, and issue, resolution services to ensure a smooth process. An experienced settlement agent will identify and resolve any issues.

The best advice a settlement agent can give is advice uncompromised. It is our professional obligation to stay independent.

Settlement completes on the PEXA e-conveyancing platform. Your settlement agent will check documents on PEXA ensuring correct paperwork has been submitted.

Settlement will happen when both parties have digital signatures on the transaction. Your Settlement Agent will notify the Real Estate Agent so that you can collect the keys.

Your Settlement Agent will notify relevant authorities that you are the new owner. The conveyancer will keep an eye on the Certificate of Title. When registered in your name they will let you know.

Your settlement agent will give you a call to let you know when to pick up the keys.

At Supreme Settlements we wish you all the joy and happiness of your new home or sale of property, as the case may be.