Do I need a Settlement Agent

Should I choose a settlement agent or let others do it for me?

You can choose your own settlement agent. Above all, the choice is yours. You can also accept the one provided by your real estate agency. Or if you prefer, you could undertake the task yourself.

The WA Department of Commerce says: “Unless you are a suitably qualified lawyer, it would be very unwise to try to carry out the settlement of your own property. It’s a complex and time consuming business, with many traps for the unwary.“

We all want to save money and reduce extra fees.

Yes, you can complete your own settlement, if you choose too. It is a complex and time consuming exercise, unless of course you have the experience. But, however, there are many problems you may face that will cause delays, and even extra expense.

The beauty of a professional settlement agent is they will transfer property and overcome any difficulties. For instance, they will assist you in completing all necessary paperwork.

Your settlement agent will review the contract. Certainly including any required conditions. As a result, they will prepare all legal documentation to effect the change of ownership.

Your settlement agent will liaise with the banks, the broker, and the real estate agent. Most importantly, they will of course liaise with various government authorities to ensure that your settlement transaction is completed.

There are fees. At Supreme Settlements we are open and upfront about our pricing with no hidden costs or add-ons.

Supreme Settlements are the professionals. They will take care of the finite details for you. You can relax and let the Professionals do what they do best.

Do I need a Settlement Agent near me?

Do you need to engage a settlement agent near you? No you do not. With electronic transfers, emails, mobile phones, and the like what you really need is a settlement agent aka conveyancer you are comfortable with. Don’t forget, your settlement agent will be along for the journey and you need to be best travel companions. After all, your conveyancer is taking you home!

What do I do?

Contact your real estate agent, inform them you have selected Supreme Settlements as your chosen settlement agent.

Advise Supreme Settlements of your real estate agents details. They will arrange with the real estate agent for your contract to be issued to them urgently.

Buying or Selling property? Whatever the reason, your professional, qualified Team at Supreme Settlements is always ready for you.

Supreme Settlements has a wide variety of services available. It is with the greatest of pleasure, and their professionalism they wish to provide these services to you.

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At Supreme Settlements we protect our clients’ interests, whilst serving from the heart.

If you want the professionals, choose Supreme Settlements.

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