Conveyancer or Settlement Agent?


A Conveyancer is a specialist in the legal aspects of buying and selling property. But, is a Conveyancer a Settlement Agent?

In Australia a Conveyancer is also known as a Settlement Agent.

That is to say, many people appoint a settlement agent aka conveyancer. Engaging a settlement agent, ensures legal requirements come together. Further, it is important that transactions proceed unruffled with their property interests.

Conveyancing: term for transferring legal ownership of land from one party to another.

Supreme Settlements are experienced and professional conveyancer’s. Their role is to execute the transfer of land from one person to another.

Professional conveyancer’s undertake the necessary checks to protect their client’s interest. They meet all legal obligations.

A licensed conveyancer is a qualified professional.

A Conveyancer holds a Settlement Agent’s License and a Triennial Certificate. Therefore, in Western Australia, your Conveyancer will hold these licenses.

Conveyancing work can involve the preparation of documents. These documents may be leases and contracts. They will give advice on conveyancing documents.

Conveyancers will exchange sale contracts.

A conveyancer is a person who provides settlement services.

The conveyancing team will organise surveys and building inspections. Including registration of title documents. Above all, your settlement agent will attend settlement.

Licensed Conveyancer’s like Supreme Settlements will guide clients through the purchase of, and sale of, residential and commercial property settlement.

With an Unrestricted License, Supreme Settlements can work on residential and commercial property.

Consequently, a conveyancer can prepare and advise on mortgages, the sale of businesses, and the sale of rural property.

Terms of reference:-

  • Contract of Sale: The Contract of Sale is a document signed by both the buyer and seller of the property sold. This may include the sale price, deposit amount and the settlement date.
  • Settlement Date: The settlement date is the date when the purchaser pays the balance of the sale price to the seller. The seller gives the purchaser the legal documents required to transfer the property.
  • Cooling off Period: After the buyer signs the Contract of Sale there is a short grace period. Three days in most cases where the purchaser may change their mind. During this cooling off period the buyer can end the Contract of Sale. The vendor can not sue. There may be financial penalties for backing out of the contract though. Discuss this with your conveyancer, real estate agent or solicitor.

Supreme Settlements are Conveyancers aka Settlement Agents.

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