We Have PEXA?

Why choose PEXA? Property Exchange Australia has been chosen as the best and most secure method to submit documents electronically.

PEXA is the new electronic online method of submitting documents for settlement.

PEXA compliant e-Conveyancing
PEXA compliant e-Conveyancing

PEXA is Property Exchange Australia.

Property Exchange Australia is Australia’s online property exchange network. It enables users to e-lodge documents and complete financial settlements.

The PEXA system automatically checks online documents have been correctly filled in. 

Electronic conveyancing or e-Conveyancing is the term used for transactions and settlements conducted electronically.

PEXA’s pre-lodgement verification ensures all participating parties have accurate and matching information. Proceeding to settlement is less likely to encounter document problems.

Your most expensive purchase

You’ve handed over a significant amount of money in what is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you’ve ever made. You’d want to be sure that your ownership is reflected on the property title immediately, right?

It’s not always the case in the manual world. It can sometimes take weeks for a change in ownership to be registered with the relevant Land registry. Using PEXA, a change in ownership is recorded within minutes of settlement occurring. You will have clear proof and confidence in your ownership.

Most stressful experiences

The property process is quoted as being one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life.

e-Conveyancing helps remove some of that stress by allowing your lawyer or conveyancer to view the progress of each party in the transaction.

That’s right – they’ll know whether your bank has completed their part of the transaction, provide comfort that the funds are available and provide an update on whether the buyer/seller on the other side of the transaction is ready for settlement.

In short, you’ll have the information you need, when you need it.

By asking to use e-conveyancing, your lawyer or conveyancer will be able to complete and sign the majority of this paperwork on your behalf, greatly reducing the amount of time you need to spend completing the process.

Speed efficient PEXA

Using electronic means to submit documents also equates to a speed efficient process reducing the time it takes to complete settlement. There are still legalities to be met which can slow the process. Overall it will be faster than posting and sorting documents.

In today’s online world, why would you wait days for a cheque to clear?  With online banking you can have access to your funds nearly instantly. Through PEXA, all proceeds of sale are transferred electronically meaning you’ll have access to cleared funds within 24hrs of settlement…not three days!

Ask your conveyancer to use PEXA today.